PPE SOLUTIONS INTERNATIONAL (PPESI) is a relatively new company but has older roots.

Operating in the hair and beauty space providing PPE such as nitrile gloves, disposable capes, sanitisers, masks and protective garments to thousands of outlets across the USA and Europe.

Using our vast experience in sourcing quality goods and materials, we have partnered with a number of US-based companies to provide PPE for state and government agencies for front line workers and first responders.

PPESI exploits have been just as prolific. On June 10th 2020, PPESI was part of a record-breaking delivery of PPE into Ireland. Breaking an age-old national single load delivery by chartering the worlds largest aircraft, the Antonov 225, filled with one million surgical gowns destined for frontline workers.

Our directing team consists of 3 key elements, sales, sourcing and legal/compliance.

With over 20 years of combined experience in sales, marketing, product sourcing, development, and legal expertise. Our leadership team are the perfect partnership in sourcing, developing products, and delivering quality PPE.

We at PPE solutions international pride ourselves on the quality service we provide. Now, more than ever, there is a serious need for PPE. Our capable and proven team are here to assist you in providing products that protect your people.